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Great Customer Service Is Important!

For our very first blog post, we thought it might be fun topic to detail what happens when you order a custom cake from Royal Cake Studio! Here are just a few of the perks when you choose us as your cake artist…


Why should you invest in a custom cake?

Many people believe that custom cakes are an added expense, but when you hire a cake artist, you are investing your money into someone who truly cares about what you want and will create the perfect "center piece" for your special event. Your guests will rave about how great the cake tastes and praise all of the handmade details, for years to come! So it is important that you choose the right cake artist.

As you all know, the number one location for photographs during any special celebration is always right next to the cake! We each take turns to line up and get a quick pic with the cake or squeeze in for a group shot. You may even be like me, and reminisce on childhood birthday parties and remember how cool your birthday cake was. Cake designs may have evolved over the years, but the basic principle remains the same. Our job as cake artists is to amaze, delight and create happy memories for years to come!

For this reason, during your cake consultation we take the time to understand what is important to you and discuss what elements you want to include in your cake design. This helps Royal Cake Studio to design the cake of your dreams and have a timeless photo to give your special event that wow-factor!

At Royal Cake Studio we strive to give our customers the same level of service that we like to receive. A business that helps its customers in a friendly manner and builds a good relationship is a business that we ALL return back too and recommend to our family and friends. By providing great service to our customers, it sets our small business apart from the others of its kind. We hear this time and again when we receive feedback from our awesome customers, that "We have great customer service!"


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