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Frequently asked questions


Where are you located?

Royal Cake Studio is located in beautiful Lawrenceville, GA. We are honored to serve the Metro Atlanta area.


Do you have a retail storefront where I can stop by and purchase a cake?

No. We work out of a licensed, cake studio and do not make cakes for daily sales. Everything is baked to order, and therefore we don’t have spare cakes on hand. All cakes must be ordered in advance and picked up by appointment only or delivered.    


Can you tell me more about the Ingredients you use

We only use the highest quality ingredients - gourmet chocolate, buttermilk, heavy cream, sweet cream butter, fresh fruits and real Madagascar vanilla beans. All of our recipes are made fresh for our customers with the best REAL ingredients and flavors we can source. We make our own fruit compotes, lemon and lime curds, salted caramel, modeling chocolate, fondant, ganache and simple syrups to flavor our cakes and buttercreams. We use only all-butter recipes for the buttercreams; No shortenings will ever be added. These quality products do cost more, but also give you, our customers, the highest quality, best-tasting product possible. 


Do you cater to dietary requirements?

We use a number of nut extracts, including almond extract, in our delicious cakes and cupcakes and made-from-scratch frostings. If you have any nut sensitivities, you may want to refrain from consuming our products. We also use fresh ingredients such as eggs, milk, and wheat. If you are sensitive or allergic to any of these, we recommend you refrain from consuming our products. We are looking to add Dairy and Gluten free options in the near future.  If you have any other special requirements then please let us know. We will try my best to accommodate them.


How much do you charge?

As each design is custom, there is not a set price for our cakes. Fondant covered cakes start at $5.50 per serving. Buttercream cakes start at $4.50 a serving. Base prices include a layered cake with filling and a buttercream frosting exterior. Fondant and any additional sugar work such as gum paste flowers and fondant figures or decorations are priced separately. The final price of your custom cake will depend on cake flavors and fillings, the complexity of the design and handmade elements. For a specific quote please contact us using the form on the website with enough information about your event.


Why are custom cakes so expensive?

We get asked this question a lot! Custom cakes can seem very costly, however, they are very labor intensive to create. The work begins with the designing, planning, and discussion with you so that the cake is exactly as you dream. Each bespoke custom cake then requires hours (often days) of work in preparation, baking, leveling and filling, even before the decoration is added. The decorative work is equally as labour intensive, if not more. Simple cakes can often be rather deceiving and require a lot more work than meets the eye. On average, a custom cake takes the best part of a week to make – much longer if there are lots of sugar flowers to make! We do not mass produce our cakes, neither do we use preservatives. Our cakes are known for being absolutely delicious and this comes down to the quality of the ingredients we use, which also come at a price. We take great pride in executing intricate and glamorous details on our custom cakes and as with any custom craftsmanship, the quality of our work is reflected in the price of our cakes. We can assure you that we (and most other reputable cake artists) are not charging more "just because it's a custom cake". 


Design, Tasting, and Consultations

We currently only offer tastings and consultations for cakes over 100 servings. After our initial conversation via telephone or email, we will schedule a design consultation and a tasting or arrange a time for you to pick up a tasting package. During your consultation, we will discuss elements that interest you for your custom design. Some things to consider before your consultation: What is your budget? Do you know how many guests will be attending? Any particular cake and filling flavors that you are considering? Be sure to bring any invitations, fabrics, color swatches or any other design inspiration with you. After your consultation, we will have a clear idea of your design concept and will get to work on a sketch of your cake.

We do charge a small fee for the tasting based on how many people will be in attendance in order to secure your time on our calendar. The total fee will be applied to your order when you book your cake. Your appointment will be confirmed by email when scheduled and we’ll take it from there. For your tasting, you can sample up to four cake pairings with up to three different fillings. The flavors included in your tasting are baker’s choice, so each one will be different based on what we are baking for that week. Of course, we are happy to accommodate custom flavor requests, if there is something you do would like but do not see on the menu. We also have sample boxes during the first day of every month with four generous cake samples, available for pick-up. 


Can I just call you to get a quick estimate?

All final estimates are given via e-mail only. There are many different variables that go into pricing custom cakes and I need all of your specific details in writing to quote accurately. Some estimates may even take some research if they require special tools or additional techniques. You may send as many pictures as you like to help convey what you are looking for or you can simply give me your theme, your budget and entrust me to come up with a special design just for you. Sketches of the final design are available after the deposit has been received. Having everything in writing gives me a reference to look back on to make sure everything is correct on every detail of your cake.


What are you serving sizes?

Industry standard cake servings that are used as guidelines for caterers and reception venues for cutting and serving cakes are 1.5″ wide x 2″ deep and 4" tall.  It is better to overestimate and have leftover cake than to underestimate, or have a generous cake cutter and run out of cake. Popular cake sizes serve the following based on the standard guidelines listed above:



1.5″ wide x 2″ deep     6″round=14 servings       8″round=26 servings      10″round=38 servings     12″round= 56 servings


2" wide x 2" deep     6″round=10 servings       8″round=20 servings      10″round=30 servings     12″round= 44 servings


How many cake flavors can I select?

We recommend no more than two cake flavors on multi-tiered cakes for ease of serving. There is not an additional charge for a second flavor. If you do decide to do additional flavors, extra charges apply per tier. Cupcakes and other items are limited to one flavor choice per dozen.


Can you replicate a design I found online?

We love to make bespoke cakes which are tailored perfectly to your special day, taking into account your colour scheme, theme, and preferences. We will certainly use any images that you show us as inspiration to get an idea of what you like and can customise a design, however, we do try to steer away from wholesale copying of an existing cake design. 

Royal Cake Studio creates celebration cakes, birthday cakes, custom and specialty cakes. located in beautiful lawrenceville, Georgia. We are honored to serve  and deliver to the Metro Atlanta Area.

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